1.  High Performance
We only use a high performance collector which exposes up to double the amount of water to direct radiation of the sun, than other systems, this means more heat in less time. This is particularly important in spring and autumn when the sun is not so powerful and the overnight temperatures can be cool


2. Installation Of Our System
We have a fully systemised installation. You may ask, what does that mean? It means your install is not left to the discretion of the person installing it, we have set out standards and procedures to work to, which are carried out the same every time so every system is installed to the same high standard.


3. 70% Of Our Business Is Referral Work ... WHY?
Calculated on the past years sales 70% of our business is referral work. Refer to our testimonials page to see what others say regarding our system

4. We Turn Up
One of the biggest complaints in the trade and services industry today is that people never turn up, or not on time anyway. We guarantee we will be on time if we cannot be there on time we will have the courtesy of calling you to let you know we are held up. We will never leave you waiting!


5. Manifold System
The manifolds on your solar pool heating system are where the black collector (mat) plugs into the main 50mm pipe work of the system. This is where most systems have a problem lasting in the harsh South African climate. At SOLAR-TEMP, we manufacture our own manifold system, from SABS Black PVC 50mm piping, and offer one of the best warranties in the industry (to give you peace of mind).

Average industry standard 5-10 years warranty.
SOLAR-TEMP 12 year warranty

6. Innovation & Going The Extra Mile
At Cape Solar Heating, even though we have one of the best solar pool heating systems in South Africa today, we are still constantly improving things for the better, looking for ways to more efficiently heat your pool, we do many things that a lot of other companies do not. As we do a lot of service work on other systems we constantly notice a lot of extra things we do, listed below are just some ways we keep ahead of the pack.
Cross flow manifolds (If not used, air could be trapped which prevents all of the system being utilised.)
Take away all rubbish (leaving your property exactly how you would expect it left how we found it.)
Pressure test system.
Check roof for cracked or broken tiles. 
Tailor-made solar panels system, (designing system to size of your roof).
These are just some of the things we do that most others don‘t. 
7. Northern Swimming Pool Institute Members
The Northern Swimming Pool Institute of Cape Town is a self regulating body in which members have to abide by its rules, regulations and strict code of ethics, in the conduct of their businesses.  


8. Dekra ISO 9001:2000 
This is an ISO body that does regular inspections at our manufacturing plant, to ensure that we meet the ISO 9001:2000 quality standards 


9. National Consumer Bureau
The National Consumers Bureau is there for the consumer as a platform for arbitration, as a partner in the battle to protect the individual consumer. The NCB acts solely on information given by an unsatisfied or unhappy consumer/customer. We will mediate the complaint and keep the consumer/customer informed every step of the way.
If the supplier refuses to mediate or we do not have a satisfied customer/consumer and/or the alleged offender is not reachable for comment, the following steps will be taken:

  • The incident will be published with the relevant media.

  • In extreme or relevant cases, the offender/supplier will be summoned by the Consumer Protector.   

We are committed and will not rest
until YOU, the consumer, is satisfied.  


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